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Service on the site that increases user loyalty to the service by explaining to them the questions they ask
  • Overview
  • Hypotheses
  • Result
  • Overview
  • Hypotheses
  • Result

I was tasked with remaking the old FAQ section of the service. It was executed in a familiar pattern, namely a list, so I decided to experiment and make the section so that the user could see the whole range of questions.

My hypothesis was correct. Thus, the conversion rate for visits to the detailed question card has increased. In addition to the main task, I realized that I should add additional functionality in the form of filtering, search and selection so that users can read content on topics of interest to them.


User problems
  • There is no way to search for a question
  • A small amount of time spent on the card
  • No understanding how many questions in total
  • Make cards look like info fast food
  • Add ways to find the question
  • Change the detail card to increase the time spent

After many hours of talking to product owners, UX engineers, UX researchers, we came up with an interesting option. We have presented this section as an informational fast food that can be read. 

This imperceptibly increases the financial literacy of our users, and after the changes our time indicators on the detailed page have increased greatly, it also happened abruptly before that the user goes to a question that is not of interest to him from the Q&A page. Now this situation has sharply increased for the better, since the entire pool of questions is available to him.

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